Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Greece: bus fare killing triggers protests

On August 13th a bus fare evader, Thanassis Kanaoutis, 19, was violently attacked by the inspector, who, with help of the driver, threw him out of the moving bus killing him.

As the young man's body laid on the ground and people protested angrily, the inspector went on threating other passengers and even demanded a woman arrested by police. 

On the 16th the funeral for Kanaoutis became a protest and the crowd marched to Athen's center erecting fire barricades (→ video).

Police then intervened, arresting ten. Police took over the rebellious neighborhood establishing a de-facto state of emergency. 

However on the 17th the protests resurfaced defying police threats. The subsequent popular assembly demanded the right to protest at the location of the murder and free access to public transport, which is after all public, right?

Daily gatherings at the location of the fascist murder have continued since then.

Source: Contra Info.

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