Monday, August 12, 2013

Saudi Arabia: protests spread to the center of the country

Protests in the most totalitarian state on Earth, Saudi Arabia, began in 2011 and have continued intermittently through 2012 in the oil-rich Eastern Province, closely related to Bahrain. But now the protests (other than some instances of women fighting for their most basic rights) have extended to the interior of the country. 

Hundreds of Arab denizens took to the streets of Buraidah and other cities of Al Qassim province in demand of democracy and freedom for political prisoners, notably Hila al-Qasir, sentenced to 15 years of prison for her pro-democracy activism. 

The demands of the protesters are in essence: democratic reforms, freedom of speech, political amnesty and stopping the intervention in third countries like Bahrain.

Source[es]: HispanTV (via Webguerrillero).

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