Thursday, August 8, 2013

Basque Country: fascist terrorist group threatens mayors with death

Mayors and councilors of EH Bildu denounced the threats
The cell known as Falange y Tradición was in the recent past involved in terrorist threats and embryonic terrorist organization. Their components were eventually arrested but later released without charges

The fascist gang clearly enjoys protection from the regime's twin party as was evident when one of its members was invited to Basque TV (ETB) under the anti-democratic rule of the Spanish regime's parties, issuing all kind of racist insults and threats. 

Now, under a new name, they have arrogantly decreed "death penalty" to the mayors of Baztan and Elizondo unless they place the Spanish flag and get rid of Basque ones and pro-prisoner banners. 

Text of the Spanish imperialist death threats

According to Sare Antifaxista this new "Navarrese Nationalist Grouping" is nothing but Falange y Tradición, whose leader J.I. Irusta and other members are well known.

What is clear is that the Spanish institutions are behind this criminal terrorist group, which is clearly pushing Basque patience to the extreme. If a murder happens, it is probable, I believe, that the whole unilateral "peace process" goes down the toilet altogether because you can't really ask the People not to defend their lives against direct murderous attacks like this one. It's clear to me that any such political murder will cause retaliation and this may cause a violent spiral that ends this rather fruitless "peace process" altogether.


It's very possible that this is the kind of psy-op that Mariano Rajoy has been pondering to distract the attention from the socio-economic disintegration of Spain. Britain is a tad too big to push them too far but the Basque People may become a scapegoat of the inability of Spain to face its own dramatic problems. 

In this sense there's hardly anything that the Spanish nationalist stablishment could wish more than the return of the open war. They have done everything in their hands to sabotage any peace arrangement of any sort and it seems clear that they believe they are better with ETA than without ETA. They believe that Spaniards are stupid enough to forget their huge problems with unemployment, home evictions, lack of social support public infrastructures, deep corruption and collapse of the legitimacy of the whole post-Francoist political system. 

They are surely wrong. But they probably think they lose nothing trying old distraction tricks. 

But, if you ask me, I am pretty sure that such an escalation could end in the Yugoslavization of Spain, which is just too fragile internally in too many fronts (not just Basque Country and Catalonia but national dissidence is also growing in Galicia, Andalusia and even Canary Islands, while the rest is in deep social turmoil) to withstand any further conflicts. We are not anymore in the Fordist Era, Mariano (and the rest), Fascism simply does not work today: people just won't obey.

But they are desperate: they can really try anything to distract the attention.

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