Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Morocco & Spain pedophile pardon scandal "closed": pardon revoked and Galván arrested

Closed? We'll see. But it seems that the scandal was just too big for the power structures to manage. So yesterday, in an unprecedented decision Mohamed VI revoked the pardon to the pedophile under the (probably false) identity of Daniel Galván Viña. He did so in TV in order to calm down the mass protests that his decision had caused. 

However the child rapist and probable former spy was already in Spanish territory (questions arise about how his passport was issued so quickly). According to some last news, he has been arrested.

But many questions remain. As I reported recently, it seems that both Spanish and Moroccan secret services were directly involved in getting Galván's royal pardon. Even Galván's true identity is not known: a story speculates, on his own declarations, that he could be Iraqi but his fluency in the Moroccan dialect of Arabic (as well as other languages) make every scenario possible. He could even be Moroccan after all. 

Whatever the case, what seems clear is that he is an important former spy or similar, sufficiently connected and protected to get a new identity from the Spanish military secret service (CNI) and even to have them getting him pardoned by a back door. 

There are Moroccan top-level spies involved, the whole Spanish secret service is involved since the beginning and it is very likely that higher level imperial (NATO) agencies are involved as well, probably some from Washington, especially if Iraq is in the background after all. 

Will these details ever be known? Will the spy agencies be purged on this most outrageous scandal? Will "Galván" serve his full 30 years' term or will he get away by some other back door soon? Many questions. The focus in any case has moved from Morocco to Spain.

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