Friday, August 23, 2013

Syria: is chemical weapon massacre totally false? - Updated

Last time that Damascus was accused by the West of using chemical weapons against civilians it ended up being the Islamist guerrillas and not the government. This time it seems it's just a total farce. Watch this video please:

Among other elements suggesting farce is this photo, which has been used several times to "document" various massacres:

It is not the first time it happens: in the past images borrowed from Iraq massacres have been used also to "document" alleged massacres in Syria. Recently I had to watch how a "corpse" (Egyptian context) suddenly "came back to life" to kick off a person who was ispecting too much and found no injury under the bandage.

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

Update: Islamist close to Al Qaeda admits that they have chemical weapons. Video that shows apparently Islamists preparing a farce massacre scene.

Webguerrillero[es] reports, citing Syrian sources, that Abdolá al-Jaledi, an Islamist guerrilla close to Al Qaeda reported in his twitter account that they do have chemical weapons indeed. He wrote at the account @abo_almonthir:
Wouldn't it be for the confidentiality of the information, I would reveal who was the warrior, who built the said chemical weapons.
Syrian press has also spread two telephone calls that apparently show the implication of Islamists in chemical warfare.

The same newsblog posts this video showing what are apparently Islamists preparing a "massacre scene" for the international media (CNN+ and Al Jazeera, they say specifically - in Arabic):

It is said that they uploaded the video online accidentally had soon it was known to all.

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