Friday, August 2, 2013

Morocco: protests against the royal pardon of Spanish child rapist

Protectors of child rapists
On explicit request of the King of Spain, his colleague of Morocco, Mohamed VI, issued a royal pardon for 48 Spanish prisoners. Most were probably in jail for petty crimes like drug traffic or the like but one, Daniel Galván Viña, was imprisoned for multiple cases of rape of children as young as three.

Daniel Galván (variedly reported to be 65 or 68 years old) is apparently a psychopath with lots of money who went to Morocco to satisfy his cruel pedophile urges, preying on at least eleven children between the ages of 3 and 14, whom he raped and abused mercilessly. 

Tens of thousands are expected to gather before the Royal Palace to condemn this decision tonight, reports Al-Jazeera.

In my opinion, such kind of criminals, those who abuse children, deserve death. The Moroccan justice was much more generous and he was sentenced to only 30 years in jail. He was in jail less than two.

Being filthy rich he probably has connections, enough it seems to mobilize even the royal houses both sides of the Pillars. So he has already been released and deported to Spain.

Spanish Attorney General's office declared that "we cannot judge him again", while the Spanish Royal Family said: "Nothing can be done. It’s an internal decision. We are not going to do anything".

You already did too much, you corrupt unelected criminals with a silly hat! Galván would not be at large without your corrupt help! 

Still something can probably be done before the old child rapist goes again in rampage: get him interned in a psychiatric institution indefinitely, as law dictates for dangerous psychopaths, what is not related to penal charges but to his mental state. 

Sadly the corrupt bourgeois oligarchy won't allow that one of them goes to prison for anything, not for abusing defenseless children of the popular classes anyway. The oligarchy is full of psychopaths like him and most of them get away with impunity. 

There is something to do: impalement for child rapist and, at the very least, castration for other rapists. Zero tolerance against child abuse! We are not interested in the impossible recovery of such kind of psychopaths, we are interested only in them getting off our planet forever.

Update: Spanish prisoners in Morocco, most of which remain in prison, including some with serious health problems, are outraged and some of them have initiated a hunger strike → Canal Sur[es].


  1. This is really repulsive. Moroccan organisations for the protection of children's right should perhaps contact Spanish NGOs to ask for support on this. This is really shocking, that a child molester can be set free thanks to a "royal" pardon.
    And of course, royals should disappear...they are such a pathetic institution.

    1. Had to dig A LOT (Qatar and Rabat are best friends) but finally found an update at Al Jazeera on the matter:

      Read it: Morocco is a child pimp-state and this guy's was the first ever severe sentence against child abusers. Police violently repressed the protest (as usual).


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