Friday, August 2, 2013

Greece: police flattens many Roma camps

Riot police on tour across the Peloponnese flatten to the ground Roma camps in at least four prefectures

Riot police squads that arrived from Athens have been conducting operations against the Roma population across the Peloponnese for the past few days. On Monday, the riot police flattened Roma camps in the Corinth prefecture, before moving to Messinia (and its capital, Kalamata) on Tuesday and then operating further in the prefectures of Argolida and Arkadia on Wednesday.

Astonishingly, the official police report on the operations talks of the “tackling” and the “prevention” of crime as the reasons why the Roma houses came under attack – an open and direct racist  attack against them. On Tuesday alone, 623 Roma were detained of which 84 were arrested, while 14 homes in total were flattened. The numbers for the other days remain unknown.

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