Saturday, August 2, 2014

Escandal: Manolada massacre boss acquitted

Remember the Manolada massacre? On April 2013, 34 workers were shot and injured, some very seriously, by armed aides at a strawberry plantation in Manolada (Ilia, Greece), after they demanded six months of delayed wages.

The crime had clear racist undertones, as the workers were immigrants from Bangladesh. 

However now the Patras court in charge has acquitted three of the accused and issued more serious penalties to the other two (8 and 14 years, but in suspension until appeal is judged), the ones who actually pulled the trigger. Among those acquitted is the boss of the fruit plantation, who was without doubt the main responsible of all what happened, and who was being accused of human trafficking (= slavery).

The sentence casts serious doubts on the situation of human rights in Europe and very particularly on the role of the judiciary system, which interprets laws and facts with a growingly fascist slant. It is useless to have laws that protect human rights if the vast majority of judges who have to apply them are fascists. 

A purge of all reactionary judges through the continent is utterly necessary: there will be no democracy while we allow laws to be interpreted by judges who are enemies of human rights and very possibly corrupt. Fascism and elitism must be considered sociopathies and those suffering them declared inept to exert public office of any sort. Only that way we can save human rights in Europe and the World.

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