Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sad on geopolitics

I've been rather down this last month and not really feeling stimulated to work and contribute. Partly is just tiredness from all the real life pressures, which take a toll, but a lot is caused by the ongoing Imperial murderous aggressions in Gaza, Ukraine and Syria/Iraq. 

And related to that the very depressing knowledge of being trapped under the boot of an Empire that I just can't but hate, because of the multi-layered oppressions that it inflicts on us: exploitation, double occupation (as Empire and as local state), rapid collapse of freedom of speech, growing tolerance for fascist brutality, very much worrying persistence of cultural stupidity (pop, techno and such - how annoying!), very limited hope of revolutionary change in a time that it is more needed than ever before (the very survival of the species is at the stake), etc. 

Gaza genocide is a very clear instance of what is going on: raw European colonial brutality without any sort of meaningful opposition. Not at all different from other recent genocides, such as the Herero genocide, the Armenian genocide or the Jewish and Roma Holocaust. It is happening right on our faces and, while many good hearted people are doing what they can (or what they think they can) to denounce it, the political and media impunity for the Zionazis is outraging, evidencing the Fascist nature of the Imperial Authority we live under. 

Another equally horrible instance of the ongoing Imperial madness is the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. It is clearly worse than Chernobyl but instead of applying the virtues of democracy, criticizing the authorities for their failures and hypocrisy, the whole trend has been to hide the problem. Reality is stubborn and will make us pay for that attitude of denial but so far they have managed to get away with it and that is even more worrisome, because they will keep doing it for as long as they can, reinforcing the fascist mechanisms of thought control via mass media controlled by very few hands.

And then we have the Fascist putsch in Ukraine, with genocide against the resisters in the East; the equally Fascist and terrorist balcanization of West Asia by the "Caliphate" of Imperial financing and at the service of the Empire, particularly the Zionists; the most worrisome advance of the Far Right in France, Britain, Denmark, Hungary, etc. 

It's a really bad, very bad historical moment. Even the opposition to the Empire is quite pathetic. Sure: the BRICS have been falling together, largely under Imperial pressure, and began doing some joint stuff that may counter the US imperialism a bit. But they are all horrible bourgeois regimes with absolutely no socialist program, let alone an ecologist one, that can serve to attract the sympathies of the Global People and promote a hopeful Humankind.

And I'm not just talking of the hope of abolishing exploitation and alienation but the most critical hope of survival of the Human species, which right now seems doomed to extinction by mindless suicide. 

Of all the governments on Earth, only a few Latin American ones, seem coherent enough to inspire some hope. None of them is a real power, none of them has nuclear weapons and none of them is a member of the BRICS, although they may sympathize with them because of a common foe: the US Empire. 

As children die massacred with absolute impunity by the minions of the Empire in Gaza, Iraq and Ukraine, what can we do? The feeling of powerlessness is overwhelming and, sincerely, depressing.

US Empire (blue, purple) and rivals (red, pink) - click to expand

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