Monday, August 18, 2014

Never ending Gladio: Shadow Fascist rule in Europe evidenced in NSU case

Interesting read: German Secret Service Implicated in Fascist Murders (by Sven Heymanns and Dietmar Henning, Global Research). Excerpt:
The most recent statements of two police officers in the NSU (National Socialist Underground) trial imply that the intelligence agency employee Andreas Temme may have been involved in the murder of Halit Yozgat. The Constitutional Court of Hesse denies this and has blocked the release of information and hindered witness testimony.


Both the German parliamentary Investigation Committee into the NSU and the current NSU trial in Munich are intent on suppressing the involvement of the intelligence agencies in the NSU murder. Nevertheless such involvement becomes ever clearer the longer the trial continues.

The destruction of hundreds of documents, refusal to give testimony, gaps in memory, mysterious deaths, etc., are being used to hush up the direct participation of the state in the NSU murders. The secret services operate as a state within the state, free from any democratic control and legal accountability.

This is just another tip of the massive Gladio Iceberg that lays under the Europe built as US Imperial Protectorate after WWII, allowing most of the fascist structures and networks to thrive under a pretext of "democracy" (or sometimes totally in the open).

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