Monday, August 4, 2014

Ukraine: Junta offensive fails, Transcarpathia to secede

The latest offensive of the Kiev Junta against the Eastern Antifascists seems to be failing (again). The attack, which has managed to cut Donetsk from its ally Lugansk is finding major resistance and the route between both cities is expected to be reopened soon, simplifying the front and liberating militias for the other fronts.

Meanwhile the Militia has stopped Fascist attacks from the South near Shkatersk and Saur-Mogily. Kiev acknowledges the loss of seven cargo airplanes. Hundreds of Ukrainian troops have deserted (again) and crossed the border with Russia.

The military situation is still complicated but the moral of the Militia is high and their capacity to repel the Fascist aggression admirable. Instead in the other side of the front line the moral is almost zero, with most soldiers being forced recruits, used as slave cannon fodder between the rebel lines and the Nazi death squads.

The war report underlines that, while the Junta could have best exploited its success in Slavyansk by slowly besieging the rebel core and punishing it with artillery and bombings, they decided to launch a "decisive" attack, attack which was stopped on its heels by the Militia, by defeating a column of not less than 250 tanks.

With most forces trapped in protracted battles in Gorlovka and Debaltsevo, as well as suffering rebel counter-attacks in Popasnoye and Depreradovka, the Junta was unable to transfer troops to the Southern front, which has remained static.

In the Lugansk front also the Militia was able to impede the Fascist attack against the key town of Novosvetlovka, a road knot, inflicting severe casualties to the attackers as well as capturing many soldiers.

In Krasnodon the combat has resolved in favor of the Militia, which is annihilating the last Border Guards. The Militia's positions were improved also at Georgievka and Cheluskinets, keeping the airport's blockade.

Other areas however remain unstable.

Time plays against Kiev

I suspect that the, probably misguided, urgency that the Kievan Junta displays is caused by the ultimatum which hangs over their heads: defeat the rebels before September or lose NATO's support. I can't be sure how real or exact is this threat but it has been rumored since months ago.

One thing is clear: if the conflict remains open in winter, when not just Ukraine but much of Europe is highly dependent on Russian gas supplies, the situation may become extremely complicated, not just for a Kievan regime unable to guarantee warmth to its citizens but also for the European states that support it.

New rebels in the West

While the Ukrainian Nazis have their main support base in Galitzia (formerly Poland), there is a Western region that has remained clear of them: Transcarpathia. This oblast, once part of Czechoslovakia and earlier of Hungary, is populated by Rusines (an Ukrainian subpopulation) and Hungarians and has denied the Ukrainian Far Right their vote repeatedly, supporting instead the Party of the Regions and other Center-Left options.

It seems that, in spite of being far from Russia, Transcarpathia has also begun its own secessionist process and hopes to open a "second front" against the Fascist Junta in Kiev. Apparently the details are being ultimated right now and the rebellion may soon be in the news - if not censored by the so called "free media" of the Western oligarchs.

This, together with the failure in the Eastern Front and the well known discontent throughout the country with the Fascist Regime, may well end up with the masquerade. I hope it does at least.

Source: Euskal Herria Donbas Elkartasun Komitea[es] (link 1, link 2)

Spanish internationalists explain the situation in Donbass

Two Spanish volunteers who have joined the Donbass militias attempt in poor English to transmit their vision of what is happening in Eastern Ukraine in the following video:

Source: Brigadas Internacionales en Donbass (YouTube channel)

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