Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ukraine: Anarchist guerrilla arises in Zaporozhia

Nestor Makhno
The most striking recent development in Ukraine's war against Fascism is the raising of an Anarchist guerrilla, named Makhno Battalion, which is operating behind the lines not just in Zaporozhia but also in Dniepropetrovsk. 

Their ideology is rather different from the more generically nationalist slogans that often dominate the discourse in the rebel Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, figuring among them the goal of liberating all Ukraine from Fascism and not just certain regions. They are also different from the fake "anarchists" financed by Western oligarchs like George Soros to create confusion, which have been spreading disinformation about what is actually happening in Ukraine.

The Makhno Battalion first attacked a column of the Fascist National Guard, accompanied by US military advisors, on August 7th, destroying several tanks. 

On August 21st they attacked again the National Guard in the region of Dniepropetrovsk. The Fascist unit was retreating from Ilovaysk, where they had been previously crushed by the Donbass Militia. The bounty was Zionist-made body armors and machine guns Fort-221.

See also for historical background at Wikipedia: Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine and Free Territory.

Other developments

With date of August 21st, Euskal Herria - Donbass Solidarity Committee, mirrors another military report in English (originally from Novorossiya News Agency) which briefly mentions a number of battles, particularly around Lutgino, where the Junta's forces have managed to make a limited but potentially dangerous breakthrough, which is being countered by Militia's counter-attacks and some successful defense actions. 

They also mention Militia's progress around Slavyanoserbsk and a clear advance to the North of Lugansk, still in development at the time of this report. Most enemy forces are described as "Nazis", what suggests that they are either part of the National Guard or the armored battalions organized by the oligarchs, all them full of Banderista fanatics. Regular troops are only mentioned in relation with the pocket of Zhdanovka, where they have been systematically besieged and punished by the Militia since weeks ago. 

In general terms there would seem that there is not any more a regular Ukrainian Army worth that name, just Fascist units in rather difficult situation. 

The Basque Solidarity Committee also mentions[es] that the the Russian humanitarian aid trucks have successfully arrived to Lugansk in spite of the Junta's bombings, sanctioned by NATO, which claims that sending humanitarian aid is a "violation of sovereignty". No mention to the many crimes against humankind committed by the Junta, of course, let alone their absolute lack of legitimacy. 

Russian humanitarian aid convoy

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