Monday, July 21, 2014

ETA dissolves its operational structures

In spite of zero or even negative advances by the Spanish and French authorities, the Basque guerrilla ETA is taking further steps in their unilateral demilitarization of the conflict. 

ETA states the following goals:
  • Overcoming the consequences of the confrontation.
  • Guaranteeing civil and political rights.
  • Agreement to build a democratic environment, in which every project is possible, including independence, being this the word and decision of the Basque citizens.
ETA confirms their determination to end the phase of armed conflict but they reaffirm their goals of independence and socialism, but they understand that the armed conflict is being replaced by a democratic political conflict. 

In this sense, they announce the following new steps:
  • To deactivate their operational and logistical structures
  • To offer their arsenals for supervised sealing
  • To direct their efforts to political activities
  • Internal reorganization towards these peace and political goals

They demand:
  • The liberation of all political prisoners and refugees, including ETA members
  • An orderly and agreed disarmament process
  • The demilitarization of Basque society (today occupied by many military and police facilities)

Source: full ETA communication at Gara[eus]. See also synthesis at Naiz Info[es].

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