Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No to fracking demand reaches the stratosphere

No kidding. The mascot of the fiestas of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zeledon, traveled to the Earth's stratosphere with all his paraphernalia (wine bag, beret and umbrella) and with a strong message: FRACKING EZ (no to fracking in Basque).

Zeledon in space against fracking (more images at La Otra Mitad)

It is no photoshopping: the puppet is part of a balloon sent by the pupils of a course imparted by the astronomical difussion group La Otra Mitad (the other half). This is the third such course and the third such estratospheric ballooon sent by this modest group of Basque enthusiasts of Astronomy. The first one, Haziak 1, carried no icon, while the second one, Txantxiku 1, brought to the near space a fluffy frog with a Basque national flag.

Haziak 2, which is this balloon carrying Zeledon and the anti-fracking message, was launched from Vitoria-Gasteiz on Saturday at 11:50 (CET), climbing to 33 kilometers before exploding above the Sierra of Cantabria at 13:38. The equipment fell near Cenicero (La Rioja) around 14:10.

La Otra Mitad is in the process of compiling a video on this modest Basque astronomical feat, as well as analyzing the scientific data gathered by the balloon. 

Among other abusive late Capitalist impositions, the authorities are trying to implement the highly destructive method of oil production known a fracking in the Araba region of the Basque Country. As usual the vast majority of the population is against it but the oligarchs manage to force-feed their decisions by legal imposition and without any referendum.

Source: Naiz Info.

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