Tuesday, July 8, 2014

RAND Corporation designed the genocide in Donbass

The memorandum of the planned genocide in Donbass was redacted by the US think tank RAND Corporation.

The think-tank, which is funded by the US Government, as well as private actors of this imperialist state, issued a confidential memorandum suggesting what to do in East Ukraine in horrific detail:

The stage one, "total isolation of the rebel region" has already been almost acomplished. 

Stage two is ongoing and it must be underlined how they plan to, and have actually begun to, intern every single adult man in concentration camps where mass executions are planned to take place against anyone resisting or suspect of being an active militiaman. 

The policy of media blackening is also ongoing. 

The introductory paragraphs are also horribly informative: decimation of the Russian speaker population of East Ukraine, disorganization of the "pro-Russian" voter base, etc.

It is also outraging how they show the greatest disdain for the industry of Ukraine in the introductory paragraphs, actively planning to dismantle it, with the pretext that it consumes Russian gas but the underlying intention of using the conflict to destroy the economy of the country so it does not compete with core EU nor the USA anymore.

This is Obama's and Nuland's Nazi proconsulate over Ukraine, whose even smallest steps are designed in Washington D.C. or Santa Monica, California.

Source: Pop Off Quotidiano[it] (via Webguerrillero[es])

Ukranian Nazi battalion destroyed

On the good side of the war, the whole Azov Battalion, formed by Nazis financed by Zionist oligarch Kolomoisky (owner of PrivatBank), was annihilated by the Donetsk Militia. 238 of the 320 stormtroopers were either injured or killed by mortar fire. 

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

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