Saturday, July 12, 2014

Napalm genocide

Jewish Supremacists are throwing napalm with fragmentation bombs against Gaza denizens as seen in this apocalyptic photo from WG:

It must be said that the kidnapping and murder of three settler youths seems to have been done by the Mossad. In fact the chief of this terrorist agency, Tamir Pardo, wondered a week before in the context of political debate about a new "security law" (another Nazi law): what if a week from now three settler teenagers are kidnapped?

These words were uttered in the context of a meeting of the Security Bureau on June 5th, according to Ha'aretz.

Coincidence? No way. It almost certainly a false flag attack.

It is not the first time that the Zionist secret service attacks Jews (in Israel or elsewhere, for example in Argentina) in order to create a pretext or rally the global Jewry around Zionism. In fact it has become almost routine.

However in this case, as in the ridiculously poor false-flag knife attack of London last year, there is not even certainty of any actual death: no cries in the funeral, way too light coffins which seemed empty, was anyone even kidnapped at all?

Source: Voltaire Network (available in Spanish and French).

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