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Basque National Day 2013: political round-up time

The Aberri Eguna or Basque National Day was decided by the Christian Nationalist Arana brothers a century ago or so to be on this Sunday (what's it's name?), which is, as you probably know, a Christian holiday on the alleged resurrection of their masochistic man-god. As the day is regulated by the Catholic tradition, following the ancient Jewish lunar calendar (or something like that), it has no fixed date. 

Personally I'd rather celebrate the Basque National Day on August 15th, but I fear I am a minority of one on this... but rational persistence tends to win in the long run, so I will keep insisting. I'd also call it Herri Eguna (People's or Nation's Day) instead of Aberri Eguna (Fatherland's Day, aberri being a horrible neologism based more in Sumerian (aba=father) than in Basque (herri=people, nation)). I'm totally revisionist in fact in what regards to the highly questionable Aranist legacy: I'd even change the Basque flag (full of religious and tradition inspired crosses) for almost whatever else, like classical Navarrese flags:

The original Navarrese standard before 1212 did not have any chains but a basic shield design
The Arrano Beltza (black eagle) is known with both yellow and red backgrounds

But well, back to reality, thousands gathered today[es] in the historical Basque capital of Iruñea-Pamplona to demand independence:

Among the hot issues very present in this holiday, it was very present the death yesterday[es] of ETA militant José Manuel López Peña, who, in spite of the long-lasting unilateral truce by the Basque guerrilla, was being held prisoner till his very death at a Paris hospital, sadly illustrating the stubborn path of confrontation no-matter-what chosen by the Spanish and French imperialist regimes. 

In this sense, ETA sent a declaration[eu] in which it mostly cheered the opportunity for Basque independence that they claim to see, while strongly criticizing the French and Spanish states and their growing impositions, as well as the whole Capitalist system. ETA also asks for a wide political platform that includes all independentist sectors (in what I read as a subtle criticism to Sortu's monolithism), while demanding the return home of all political prisoners and refugees, so they can take part in the process of peace and self-determination. 

Asked about the "negative consequences" announced by ETA in a previous communication[es], if the imperialist states persist in their attitude of negation of any kind of peace negotiations, Pernando Barrena (Sortu) suggested that they mean the kind of outcomes like the death of López in prison 1400 km away from home. He said that "the scenario before October 2011 [date in which ETA declared a unilateral perpetual cease-fire] belongs to the past, to disgrace of all those who miss violent confrontation". 

However one wonders if Barrena is not a bit in denial, considering the total immobility of the imperialist camp. 

Another hot issue to which the speakers alluded was the political cul-de-sac of Navarre, where the reactionary unionists of UPN and their beleaguered leader Yolanda Barcina rule in minority after many corruption scandals of earth-shaking proportions have been uncovered. A non-confidence vote is being put forward next Friday[es] with the only aim to force elections and the reactionary forces (UPN+PP) only have 23 of the 50 seats. However it is likely that the centrist unionists of the PSN-PSOE will abstain, keeping the impasse on grounds of "state reasons" that are proving to be highly destructive for Navarre. 

Garaikoetxea and Mintegi
But maybe the hottest issue of all is the new inquisitorial persecution against Laura Mintegi, head of a list (EH Bildu) backed by one third of Western Basque voters, for declaring that the cause of political violence is indeed political. She said[es]:

It cannot be said that I was happily in the homage paid to a victim because absolutely all victims who have died for a political cause (which is not a traffic accident, nor a heart attack, nor a cancer) are a tragedy. And, in addition, all them are avoidable because they have a political origin. 

Of course. 

Happy Basque National Day to all good-hearted people around the World. 

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