Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nazi violence and intimidation escalates dramatically in Greece - Government, Police accomplices

Two very worrying pieces of information from I Can't Relax in Greece:

Citizens beaten mercilessly by Nazi thugs while police watched passively

A school teacher, Maria Trollou, was beaten mercilessly by Nazi thugs in the island of Paros right in front of a whole squad of riot police who just watched the crime. She believes that the only thing that saved her life then was the intervention of her companion Savvas Mavridis, who was also beaten as result. 

Mavridis and Trollou after the attack
Police watches as Nazi MP N. Mihos threatens a Paros resident

Maria and her companion were taking part in a protest against Nazi propaganda, as a delegation of the terrorist party was holding a political meeting at the otherwise calm island. The demo was first cornered by riot police, who then allowed the Nazis to attack them with total impunity, in yet another case of collaboration among the Nazis and the police forces, almost the same thing in practice. 

Source and more details: I Can't Relax in Greece.

Thugs take over trial of Nazi MP, who is acquitted

In a peculiar intimidation demonstration, a well organized Nazi operation took place on March 7th at the Athens Court of Justice. Dozens of muscular thugs all dressed in black leather and often carrying blunt objects like motorist helmets took over all the seats at the courtroom where the trial against Nazi MP Ilias Kasiriadis took place. He stood accused of attacking the leader of the Communist Party of Greece in a televised debate. 

About 1/3 of the people outside were also Nazi thugs. Rather unsurprisingly Kasiriadis was acquitted.

Among the many irregularities in this "trial" was the fact that police opened the doors of the courtroom half an hour earlier but only allowed in the Nazi thugs. 

Kassiriadis leaves the Court with his "army"

Sources: I can't Relax in Greece, EnetEnglish.

In almost any other place this trial would be null and void and police would be purged, however in Greece we are witnessing a situation similar to what lead Hitler to power in Germany in 1933: a coalition of bourgeois parties, two of which claim to be "socialist", effectively collaborating with the Nazi takeover. The main opposition party SYRIZA is like the KPD, which was extremely strong in popular support but was soon effectively exterminated by the much better organized and funded Nazis. 

In addition to that, the Western elites are clearly supporting a Nazi takeover in Greece. While the Nazi threat is very real, Western media typically inflates the numbers of individuals taking part in the Nazi activities, making 6000 to be 200,000 and stuff like that. 

This danger concerns not just Greece but actually all Europe and is growing by the moment at the same time that the Capitalist economy collapses in the deadly embrace of parasitic banksters. Therefore it's clear that the time of merely nonviolent and political resistance has passed and that much stronger steps must be taken if we want, as we surely do, stop the Nazi threat in Europe.

The situation is dire.

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