Saturday, March 30, 2013

The scum of Spanish military takes over Catalan streets with a religious pretext

While religious parades of the infamous Spanish Legion (a copy of the French Legion) have been "traditional" in parts of Andalusia, where they have their main bases, in Catalonia they were unheard of... until now. 

In a clear act of fascist defiance against the sovereign People of Catalonia, whole platoons of the Spanish Legion marched with a giant crucifix in the towns of Mataró and Granollers (Catalonia). People who protested their presence were threatened. 

One of course wonders why in a supposedly secular state (??) the military is allowed to take part in sectarian activities like religious parades, very especially in uniform and as such troop units (and not as individuals in civilian clothes). But regardless of that, it is happening, with the obvious complicity of the far-right Spanish Government, with the clear intent of scare Catalans and all other peoples and individuals of the residual Spanish Empire into submission. 

How wrong they are: this only causes anger and realization that we still live under a watered-down version of the Fascist regime. 

An almost anecdotal but nevertheless revealing detail is the fact that at least one of those legionaries wore a small Nazi swastika that became obvious as they rose the Christian idol on their arms:

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This image was photoshopped by the Diario of Cataluña newspaper but the evidence, originally distributed by Reuters and very clearly visible in this scary video, cannot be hidden. In fact he had not one but two swastikas, the other one maybe partly erased but still visible in the image above.


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