Monday, March 25, 2013

Brazil: violent eviction of Natives from Aldeia Maracanã to make room for football idiocy

Even if many do not understand it, it is clear that, like the Church historically, Football is the enemy of the People: both are mere brainwashing machines and not at all your friends.

Brazil is making room for the World Cup and that shame of former guerrilleira that is Dilma Rousseff is now playing the game of Capitalism and has no scruples to attack the poor to make room for that spectacle.

I already mentioned how Río plans to demolish whole favelas (slums) to make room for the show. Sadly now I have to mention that the only indigenous neighborhood of all Río, the Aldeia Maracanã, established on the former Museu do Indio, has been violently evicted by police forces in order to make room for the stupid useless stadiums.

Much of the unilateral police violence can be seen at this video by the indefatigable Carlos Latuff (who does not just draw excellent political cartoons but also video-reports, it seems):

Police did not only use physical violence, causing injuries to many, but also other weapons like pepper spray (almost copied from that campus in California months ago) and even sonic weapons, as can be seen and heard in this other video:

The victims of this violence were not only the peaceful resisters but also the journalists who tried to report the incidents. 

More videos can be watched also at Global Voices Online[por] (article by our friend Gabriel Tsavkko García). An English-language shorter article (by another author) can be read at Rio On Watch.

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