Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thousands march for employment in Bilbao and Pamplona

As more and more companies evade their social responsibilities by closing down, going missing, firing workers or lowering salaries to poverty extremes, thousands have marched today through Bilbao and Pamplona in defense of the right to a dignified job. 

Bilbao: 'Let us defend employment'
 Source: Bilboko Branka[eu].

Update: most unions ignored this class coordination but their bases overruled them.

Borroka Garaia Da! has an interview[es] with José Luis Ojer, member of section of the Nationalist Workers' Union (LAB), the only one to support this coordination and the resulting joint marches, in Sunsundegi (one of the Navarrese companies affected by the Capitalist implosion onto workers' lives). 

Pamplona - Iruñea
He mentions that the initiative was born of the company committees (legal representative organism elected by workers in each company) of business at risk, as well as from his union. The unions were not willing to unify the struggles of the many many companies that are now getting rid of their workers, so the committees did instead. In Navarre alone more than 50 committees had joined this initiative, in many cases with the delegates of passive unions voting for it. 

Ojer expects that these twin marches are just the beginning of something big. 

We understand that the first thing for any union activist or labor union that defines itself as class union or left-wing, that defends the interests of the working class  through struggle, organization and firmness, should be to reinforce the struggle from the grassroots and assemblies, and of course to fight in the working centers and bring the demands out to the streets. 


... in order to change the current situation, we workers must have very clear that our weapons are the struggle and the organization and, second, to have also very clear that we belong to a social class that is the working class. The class war is very real in spite of the post-modernist discourses of some individuals who claim to be left-wing but are sold to their armchairs. The alternative may exist but nobody will give us anything for free. Clearly in this Capitalism we must head to another different social model based on social justice where the working class is participant and protagonist of its own future.

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