Thursday, March 14, 2013

New York police declares martial law in a Brooklyn neighborhood

The New York Police Department, often accused of racism, gratuitous violence and fascist tendencies, has declared a portion of Flatbush, a largely Afroamerican and Caribbean neighborhood of Brooklyn, "Frozen Zone", what is the police argot equivalent to martial law. More specifically it means that the media are not allowed in and that people can be arrested at whim (for not following police orders in theory but that can be almost anything, especially without media scrutiny).

Kimani Gray
East Flatbush has seen in recent days a rebellion of its people against the brutality of NYPD, so far expressed as peaceful but challenging demonstrations. The trigger was the murder by police agents of Kimani Gray, 16. He was shot between 11 and 16 times. The police account has nothing to do with the version of neutral witnesses, who deny the kid had anything in his hands.

This is of course not the first arbitrary execution by the brutal NY Police Department. Ramarley Graham was also murdered by police agents in his grandmother's bathroom. No firearm was ever found that could support the police story of self-defense.

Shantel Graham was similarly murdered in August after being dragged out of the car by her killers. 

Another unarmed man was killed by police agents the day of his wedding. They shot nothing less than 50 bullets against him. 

The extreme powers of the "stop and frisk" policy allow policemen to behave as Gestapo guards. While crime is allegedly down by 80% since 2002, the forced stop of citizens incidences have raised 700%! Too many of these incidences end with a dead citizen at the hands of the cops, especially in places like Flatbush. 

As The People have raised against this brutality, police intends to quell their protests by means of martial law. 

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