Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Red Card to Israel": campaing and online petition to kick Zionists out of UEFA

As I have said often, it is an unbearable burden of shame that our bureaucratic-bourgeois elites force us European citizens to share our sport and cultural events with the infamous neonazi Apartheid Regime in Palestine ("Israel"). Things may be evolving for good because irritation with this unacceptable situation of cooperation with Apartheid and Genocide in Palestine is growing by the moment. 

These days there is a campaign to demand that the Zionist Regime be kicked out of UEFA (European football association and related continental tournaments) with the appealing name of Show Israel the Red Card.

The demand is specifically to impede that the UEFA under-21 finals be played in Apartheid territory. It is clearly not the background demand of us all, which is just completely marginalizing the Zionist Terror Regime from all links, cultural, political and economical to Europe (and elsewhere hopefully), pushing it to its eventual collapse as happened with Apartheid South Africa. But it is a beginning. 

So please sign THE PETITION, spread the word and keep pushing for boycott to Apartheid, boycott to Israel. 

More information at Red Card Israel Racism.

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