Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anonymous hacks Mossad and publishes list of 35,000 spies

As they say, the only safe computer is the unplugged one... and even then...

For what I could track online, hackers under the moniker Anonymous (and more specifically the Turkish group Red Hack and another cell called Sektor 404, according to Russia Today) have taken over the computers of the Zionist spy-terrorist organization Mossad and published them (a couple of multiple links right now floating over the internet: link 1, link 2 - they won't probably last for long but I guess they will be popping around for those really interested to find them as I just did). They also kicked the Zionist computers off the Net for some time:

Update (Apr 4): Kasama has today a documentary/propaganda video on Red Hack (in Turkish but English subtitles are available clicking in the options bar below).

Update (Apr 17): Ali Abuminah at Electronic Intifada claims it's all a hoax and that the data of innocent Palestinians is included in the list. Read more at Electronic Intifada

Important note: I posted yesterday a comment asking for further explanations, because, after all only one anonymous person is the source of Abuminah's hoax claim, while there are other good sources which do claim Red Hack as a real entity with a background, and it has not been published nor answered in any way, what makes me doubt of Abuminah's honesty a bit.

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