Monday, March 18, 2013

Fukushima Daichi has lost power

The Fukushima Daichi reactors, all them in clear meltdown cum China Syndrome since March 2011, only partly slowed by the continuous injection of seawater, have lost power by reasons unknown to TEPCO, the energy giant still in charge. The area is under heavy storm but most importantly for at least three consecutive hours the power could not be restored. 

Some ex-reactors had shown signs of heating in recent weeks and all the information that comes from the epicenter of the worst nuclear catastrophe ever or of its effect around the North Pacific, from Japan to the USA, are very bad. Sadly I can only comment on the matter occasionally. But this lack of power has only happened once before: it was precisely what caused the catastrophe to begin with (yes, it is highly ironical but nuclear power plants need external power to work). Without power the whole refrigeration system stops working and catastrophe ensues. 

Will this be the cause of an accelerated aggravation of the almost unimaginably catastrophic situation of the plant? It may well be the case.

Sources: EneNews, Fukushima Diary, Simply Info.

Quick update (Mar 19 morning): 

Reactors 1, 3 and 4 are still without power, after more than 20 hrs. without power temperature is raising quickly and the most immediate effect is increase on radiation emissions, never really stopped (nor can be, because its proximity to the sea and corresponding water table).

Update (Mar 20): power was finally restored yesterday. They still don't know what went wrong. 

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