Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Basque Country, Gascony: two more pushed to death by Capitalism

A neighbor of Ibarrekolanda, Bilbao, jumped through the window of his home (a 4th floor apartment) as police and judicial agents were attempting to access the building to evict him for nonpayment of the rent. This new victim of the Capitalist violence, Jose, was 45 or 50 (different sources disagree on his exact age) and leaves a teenage daughter (who lives with his former wife in another home). It happened this very morning.

This Monday in Pau (Bearn, Gascony), an unnamed former employee of France Télécom, 41, set himself on fire in his apartment. He and other colleagues had been laid off (or alternatively only temporarily "suspended of job and salary") by the communications giant in the course of an investigation for alleged fraud.

In Baiona (Bayonne, Northern Basque Country), the post service has been suspended for days by an strike triggered by the suicide attempt of a worker who blamed work conditions. 

Millions for a royal visit but salaries of just €700

Also, among many other worker protests that are becoming almost routine as companies push their workers to the limit one after the other, it is particularly noticeable the one held yesterday by the workers of Indesa, who protested the visit of the heir to the Crown of Spain, Felipe Borbón, denouncing their poverty salaries of barely 700 or 800 euros/month. Another aggravation is that they have been deprived from one monthly payment. 

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