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The Pope has woollen gloves...

The title is from one of the best-known songs of an 80s Punk band from Bilbao which I have not discussed in my mini-series on Basque Punk in this blog. Why I was younger, leaner and did not have a beard yet, Zer Bizio (wordplay between what vice? and restroom in Basque) made us dance with their song Dios ha muerto (God is dead) which began:

The Pope has woolen gloves
and wanks whenever he wants.
And all dumb...

Etc. Most of the lyrics are plain silly but anyhow: everyone to pilgrimage to Larrauri, a forgotten rural corner halfway between Mungia and Bakio... because there's where God died, or so they said. 

Well, after the fumata rosa (oh, ok, it was white, somebody said over here that because of all the cocaine but who knows?) the new Pope, some Bergoglio guy from Buenos Aires, a Jesuit, has been presented by the media as an austere person in contact with the people and blah-blah. 

But as soon as he gets to the throne of my mythical ancestor Pontian*, we begin to know about his dark past. Bergoglio is tainted by his alliance and that of all the Argentine Catholic Church to the terrorist military dictatorship.

(author: Carlos Latuff)
Bergoglio personally has been accused by the priests Olando Yorio and Francisco Jalics of being him the Jude who denounced them and others to the fascist regime, who were hijacked for five months in 1976. Yorio and Jalics were eventually freed but the four catechist women and two of their husbands, surrendered by this Pope were never found. They were surely murdered, thrown from an airplane to the sea or whatever. 

It is interesting to read this report by Horacio Vertbisky at Página 12[es] because it is from more than two years ago and it already predicted the renounce of Ratzinger Z and his retreat to a monastery. Bergoglio apparently had been papabile already in the previous conclave but these kind of reports were sent by email to the cardinals making him hardly eligible.

But some years later The Jesuit, as he calls himself in his own self-biography, makes a comeback in force. Human Rights activist Emilio Mignone said of him however: "what will History say of the shepherds who gave their sheep to the Enemy without defending nor rescue them".

Apparently the two priests were liberated because of the active diplomacy of Mignone with the help of the Vatican, while the Argentine Church and particularly Bergoglio did not lift a finger for them. The other victims of the fascist terror could not be rescued.

Bergoglio denies it all and claims that the priests were random victims of the fascist witch-hunt. Verbitsky instead claims to know better by personal experience including a letter that Bergoglio denies to have written and that he had previously published in his dedicated book "El Silencio" ("The Silence"). The facts also point to the complicity of all the Argentine ecclesiastical hierarchy and very blatantly to the hypocrites of the Jesuit order, including Anselmo Orcoyen.

Lista Informativa Nicragua y Más[es] has more scabrous details. 

Bergoglio with terrorist dictator Videla
Lorenzo Riquelme, now resident in France, affirms that the gang that kidnapped and tortured him in 1976 was based in the principal see of the Jesuits, whose main chief then was Jorge Mario Bergoglio. A priest of the trust of Bergoglio, Martín González, who was military chaplain, took part in those kidnappings. 

Former Jesuit priest Miguel Ignacio Mom Debussy, who was also sponsored by Bergoglio and to whom he was chauffeur, admits that the new Pope told him of the military coup plans beforehand. Bergoglio knew well the putchist project of Admiral Massera, with whom he had many meetings before the coup took place.

Bergoglio's favorite, Father González, now dead, who was often accompanied by two military bodyguards, took part personally in the tortures, playing the role of "good cop" who asked Riquelme to "cooperate". Riquelme, who trusted González from boy scout activities, considers this episode as if my own father betrayed me.

Father Mom Debussy protests the claims of those who say that the new Pope travels on public transport as mere propaganda:

Now they say he travels on bus and subway. In the long decade I was at his service he never went anywhere without his car, not even to nearby neighborhoods just a few blocks away.

He also denounces that he was in deals with the military partly for the sale of a property, eventually bought by the Air Force. Several of the workers of that building were then kidnapped and, when released, fired by Bergoglio. 

Some say that he protected them because he paid them the last salary.

Bergoglio also welcomed fully armed platoons in his Jesuit see. It is legend (legend only?) in the neighborhood that the building is surrounded by mass graves and some have even claimed to see bloodied ghosts. 

The Pope has woolen gloves... but his sins are much worse than mere wanking.

For more detail on the accusations against Bergoglio, the Jesuits and the Argentine Church, see the full report of Verbitsky at Taringa (in Spanish). It is also from two years ago but much more extensive than the article of Página 12, including many key documents.

Update: complementary source (images): Blog do Tsavkko - The Angry Brazilian[por]

Update: Bergoglio knew of the baby-snatching plans of the Argentine dictatorship.

LINyM[es] has even more information today (again by the hand of Horacio Vertbisky) on the true nature of "Pope Francis" (nice alias Satan!). Graciela and Adolfo Yorio, sister and brother of one of the priests that Bergoglio gave to the fascist death squads, Orlando Yorio (see above), laments this election because they says that he is the man to hide the truth. In the words of Adolfo: he is an expert in covering up.

Bergoglio denied to have known of the baby-snatching schemes of the military dictatorship but tribunals (specifically the Federal Oral Court number 6, which judged on this matter years ago), received documents showing that the new Pope knew perfectly about these plans and intervened once (with no results) on request of Pedro Arrupe, then worldwide General Superior of the Jesuit order.

Even José Arancedo, successor of Bergoglio in the bishopric, reported against his predecessor in that trial, providing a document on the meeting between Videla and the bishops Raúl Primatesta, Juan Aramburu y Vicente Zazpe, in which they talked openly on whether to talk openly or not on the murdering of civilians.

Vertbisky reckons he does not know why exactly Bergoglio was elected because the Vatican is so obscure that it is almost impossible to know the details. But he is certain that the new Bishop of Rome is an ersatz (sic in the original Spanish) of Ratzinger and the same ultra-conservative financial speculators he led until February.

Bergoglio's biography, he says, is one of a conservative populist, just like his predecessors Pio XII (Eugenio Pacelli) and John Paul II (Karol Wojtila): someone who talks a lot of the poor but does everything to squeeze them. The same that Pacelli was crucial in consolidating a pro-US Christian-Democrat government in Italy and the same that Wojtila was a battering ram against Socialism in Eastern Europe, he expects Bergoglio to be a tool of US imperialism and global Capitalism against the Latin American rebellion.

* Yes, this is true: mythical medieval Italian aristocratic "truth", just like the Bible, told to me seriously by my grandfather and mother based on the legends of their too-good-to-work ancestors, just like the Bible. Another day I'll tell you about my equally mythical ancestry from Hector of Troy.

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