Monday, May 16, 2011

Thousands demonstrate in Spain for "true democracy now!"

Demonstrations called via the Internet (mostly) by the informal platform "True Democracy Now!", under the motto "We are not merchandise of politicians nor bankers", have taken place in some 50 cities through Spain. In at least one case (Madrid) police charged, arresting 24.

Report from KaosenlaRed[es] tells of the following local incidences:

Madrid: the demo, which gathered some 25,000 people, continues as permanent vigil at the Puerta del Sol, intended until elections in May 22nd, shifts have been organized for permanence. Traffic was cut occasionally in some major alleys. Police charged in some cases.

Barcelona: 15,000 people, again mostly youths, chanted slogans like "when we grow up we want to be Icelanders" (in reference to the exemplary dignity of the Icelander People against the international banking mafia) and "they call it democracy and it is loot" - loot in Spanish can be said botín (booty, also short boot), which is the surname of the largest banker, Santander owner and CEO Emilio Botín. Another cry was "this system does not represent me".

Granada: 5000 people, mostly youths, took to the streets according to local police. The main demand was housing.

Seville: 5000 people chanted "banks rob us", "while they eat at buffets, I can't reach to the end of the month", "don't rescue the banks", "I won't have a home in my whole life", "I have a junk contract", etc.

Murcia: 5000 people. Candidates of United Left joined this march.

Córdoba: some 5000 people marched to the centric building that hosts, ironically, both the Capitalist syndicate and one of the major officialist labor unions, CC.OO.

Valencia: "thousands", most popular chants were: "not enough bread for so much chorizo" (chorizo is a type of salami-like meat, typically eaten in sandwiches, but in slang also means thief) or "politicians, bankers... all the same vultures".

Málaga: 2000 people.

Uvieu (Oviedo): 2000 people. An original slogan here was the inverse of Obama's electoral motto: No, you can't!  Also: "let the culprits pay the crisis", "violence is to be paid 600 euros" (monthly).

Huelva: 1500 people chanted "don't pay for others' crisis, rebel", "it's not a crisis, it's a scam", "your protest is worth more than your vote", "for change: social revolt".

A Coruña: more than a thousand.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife: more than a thousand, mostly youths. A banner read: "I will believe in the crisis when bankers kill themselves".

Alacant (Alicante): about a thousand people chanted: "don't complain, fight", "bankers to trial", "if you fight you can lose, if you don't fight you have lost". 

Zaragoza: a thousand.

Jaén: 500 people.

Cáceres: 400 people, this one also with United Left politicians. Chanted among other slogans "bipartisanship is dictatorship". An Argentinian musician intervened to wish that Spain does not suffer a corralito (sequestering the people's money in banks) as happened in Argentina.

Vigo: hundreds.

Arrecife, Lanzarote: 400. 

Guadalajara: 300 (source: La Haine)

If you scroll down in the KaosenlaRed article you will find many videos. 

I'm just including here this one video of a part of the demo in Madrid (police charge not seen here but tense moments yes, from Sare Antifaxista):

They chant:
  • They call it democracy and it is not
  • Less police, more education
  • Let them go away! (the police, I understand)
  • The united people shall not be defeated

More info:

A Facebook page.

A site with many photos and a forum (some of the photos, I have borrowed here).

Update: There was also a demo at Pamplona (Navarre) of some 400 people demanding a radical change in this obsolote economic model, reports Ateak Ireki (includes video).

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