Friday, May 20, 2011

Anticapitalist fighter Jean-Marc Rouillan out of prison after 24 years

The fear of the system is to what he might say is so big that he has been forbidden to speak about his past. As he said in 2007: would I have repented or spit on our past, they would have let me speak for sure.

He was imprisoned again for declaring that.

Who is this man so feared by the French Republic (and by the extension all the Western Empire)?

Jean-Marc Rouillan (now 59, pictured left) was an active antifascist and anti-capitalist fighter first of all in the Catalan guerrilla Iberian Liberation Movement (MIL), which fought against the late fascist regime in the 1970s.

Action DirecteThen he participated in the short-lived GARI and later in the better known Action Directe, which existed for almost a decade, attacking both government and private Capitalist targets, emphasizing internationalism (attack against Israeli interests) and antimilitarism of the violent kind (attacks against arms dealers and the military-industrial complex). It was a time when guerrilla was relatively widespread all through Europe but this one was, along with the short-lived Basque Autonomous Anticapitalist Commandos and a few other such initiatives, the only major urban guerrilla of Europe that spoused Autonomism/Anarchism and not traditional Marxism-Leninism as its ideology. It was also the only relevant such guerrilla in France other than the Basque Nationalist Iparretarrak group.

Their only fatal victim was institutional arms trafficker René Audran (a senior official of the French Ministry of Defense). They have also been accused of killing Renault's CEO Georges Besse but they denied it (an intra-class mafia-style murder is more likely in fact). They have also been accused of helping in the RAF attack against a US military base in Frankfurt, Germany, but I find it most unlikely that Marxist-Leninst RAF and Libertarian Communist AD would have collaborated so closely ever, if at all.

We may never know because of the gagging of Rouillan.

In any case, Rouillan has spent the last 24 years in French prisons, 10 of them in isolation, 7 of these in a single bloc of extreme punishment. He has finally got out but the prison follows him by means of the ultra-strict gagging order and the localization device. He is still a prisoner in a French state that is still as authoritarian, capitalist and quasi-fascist as always.

Rouillan also wrote several books while in prison, published in Spanish by Virus Editorial

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