Monday, May 30, 2011

Malta legalizes divorce

What?! Are there still states in the World, in Europe itself, where divorce is illegal? It seems so and all them are historically Catholic: Malta until now, the Philippines and Vatican City (a ridiculous fascist residue but without any real population on whom to impose their crazy laws).

Before Malta, the last state to legalize divorce was Chile (2004). I have the rather vivid memory that the first thing that really pulled me apart from Catholicism (I was maybe 11 years old) was their idiotic stand on marriage and divorce: I could not understand how could they force couples to remain married for all their lives when they did not love each other anymore.

And not just love but more importantly: freedom! Why would people be forced against their will?

The People of Malta voted in referendum to legalize divorce. The effective law is expected to be approved by Parliament in few months. 

Now Philippines and finally the Vatican to be reincorporated to Italy. We should also get onto considerations on how good or bad are existing divorce laws. In many countries, notably those under the Sharia, the rights of women and men in divorce are not the same.

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