Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mexico's most merciless drug cartel trained in contrainsurgency

And guess by whom? Uncle Sam of course.

The leaders of the ultra-violent drug gang known as the Zs are former military men trained at Fort Bragg for counter-insurgency and anti-narcotics operations. They also learned the trade with the death squads of Guatemala and in the GAFE counter-insurgency unit in Chiapas.

Today the are the terror of Mexico.

Source/full story: Chris Arsenault at Al Jazeera.


  1. I though that fact was widely known: the Zs were a mexican elite unit trained to fight narcos, and they also worked as high level bodyguards. They sweeped sides, defecting to the narcolords, taking their training, weapons and knowlegde with them.

  2. I had no idea and it's an interesting piece of info. And maybe a valuable lesson of how mercenaries can evolve into warlords and terrorize a whole nation, without us really knowing who is behind them.

    Similar de-stabilization techniques have been used in the past to pretext imperialist interventions, as in the case of Haiti, Colombia, etc. While I do not think an outright invasion is immediate, a more clearly defined protectorate by the USA is obviously in the agenda, including military presence or some other form of Plan Colombia variant.


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