Friday, October 15, 2010

The horror of Colombia

The horror that the citizens of the second or third receiver of US military aid (after Israel and competing with Egypt for the dubious honor) is simply unimaginable.

The Spanish language blog Cuestionatelotodo, following Azalea Robles, describes the horror of the South American country as follows:
  • Missing people (desaparecidos): more than 38,000 only in the last three years, adding up to more than 250,000.
  • A whole political party, the left-wing Patriotic Union, has been exterminated, with more than 5000 victims among its ranks
  • More than 4.5 million people (10% of the total population) forcibly displaced by means of military and paramilitary terror, in order to empty the countryside and sell the lands to multinational corporations
  • 10 million hectares of arable land have been that way robbed from its owners and offered to multinational corporations
  • More than 2700 labor unionist murdered. 60% of union members assassinated worldwide are Colombians. 
  • The largest mass grave of Latin America (and surely just the tip of the iceberg) with 2000 corpses recovered so far, victims of the Omega Force of Plan Colombia (sponsored by the USA). 
  • Massive use of paramilitary forces, which have perpetrated at least 30,000 murders in the last 15 years (official figures 2010)
  • Thousands of mass graves, some of which have already been located, thanks to the paramilitary repentance program, which grants them legal immunity in exchange of "repentance". By 2007, the state attorneys had already received locations for more than 3000 mass graves, most of which have never been investigated "for lack of resources". This "lack of resources", does not of course affect the military, which is the largest of Latin America. 
  • Cremation ovens and cayman farms have also been used to make people disappear.
  • Thousands of executions out of the law, including the scandal of the 'false positives' by which peasants were dressed as guerrillas and murdered in order to get promotions and funds.
  • More than 7500 political prisoners, many of them victims of fabricated accusations. 
  • Hundreds of self-attacks: mass-murderous bomb attacks organized by the army and blamed to the guerrillas, in order to erode their support. 
  • De facto protectorate by the USA, a situation similar to that of Iraq. The USA has now seven military bases, full access to all Colombian bases and legal immunity for all its military personnel. This has caused widespread abuses such as kidnapping and raping of young girls by the US troops, which cannot be persecuted according to the extremely asymmetrical treaty.
All this would not be possible without the massive economic subsidy by the USA, all this is being paid by US taxpayers. 

Sources for each particular claim can be found at the original sources (links above, in Spanish).

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