Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aziz sentenced to death for for enforcing secularism.

The situation in Islamist Iraq under US protectorate is totally reactionary. As they could not figure out on what grounds to hang Tarik Aziz, former Foreign Minister of Iraq, they have done it because he allegedly persecuted religious parties, which is miraculously raised to the category of "crimes against humanity". 

He was also accused in a separate trial of ordering the execution of food speculators but he rejected the charges.

I think that this illustrates better than anything else what has really happened in Iraq: a secularist illustrated regime that, whatever its defects, pushed the nation ahead into modernity and progress, has been replaced by a fundamentalist colonial one under the Holy Alliance of the USA, Israel, Saudia and Iran, which may diverge now and then but basically agree that anything secular and illustrated must be destroyed.

The attorney of the defense, Badee' Aref believes the sentence has been timed to distract from the revelations by Wikileaks, which emphasize the Iranian ties of all Shia parties and militias, as well as the terror that dominates life in Iraq since the 2003 invasion (ref. 12). 

He also claims that three judges did not agree with the sentence but were forced to sign it. 

Tarik Aziz famously denounced the US pull back as leaving Iraq to the wolves (Iran and its Shia Fundamentalist puppets). 

Source: Al Jazeera.

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