Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing concerns on huge Zionist genocide plan

According to Sergio Yahni (writing at Gara[es]), the police forces of Israel finished last October 7th a drill, including also border guards and firefighters, that simulated their response to mass protests after a hypothetical agreement between Israel and their man in the West Bank, Mahmmoud Abbas, would allow mass transfer of natives from inside the borders of Israel to the West Bank bantustans.

This is the first time ever that Israeli forces make a drill on such kind of plan, what is very much telling of the Zionist intentions for the months to come. Not even the mass ethnic cleansing of 1948 (the Nakba) had any sort of evidence of advance planning.

These plans, like the infamous Loyalty Oath Law, are all ideas of the far-far-right of Yisrael Beitenu, a Nazi Zionist (with capital letters) party whose base is mostly among new colonist arrivals from Russia, some of which are not even clearly self-identified as Jewish anyhow. 

So far the genocidal plans seem limited to the territories that the Zionist state plans to annex in the West Bank, so it would not yet affect the Palestinian citizens of Israel (those who withstood the Nakba, specially in Galilee and Negev), however those holding the Zionist identity card have no reason to feel safe at all: their villages and homes are being demolished arbitrarily and they have almost no services compared with first tier Jewish citizens, regardless of whether these arrived yesterday or did 60 years ago.

Then the newborn Israel colonial entity performed a mass genocide, driving out multitudes of Palestinians who now make up 85% of the population of the Gaza concentration camp and more than 35% in the West Bank and Jordan, as well as lesser figures in Lebanon. In 1949 Israel was forced to accept, nominally only, resolution 149 of the UN General Assembly, which established the right of return of Palestinian refugees, right that so far has been ignored by Tel Aviv and looks like it will stay that way. 

The details of the police drill imply massive arrests of Palestinian and Jewish protesters, all them assumed to be Israeli citizens, and their internment in a prison in Golani, Upper Galilee, from which some 1500 illegal immigrants would be released in order to make room for the new political prisoners. 

The new, more bluntly genocidal Israel, led by Avigdor Lieberman, himself an immigrant from Moldova from where he arrived at the age of 20 (in 1978), has the blessings of all the Zionist political spectrum, as could be seen in those voting in favor of the Loyalty Oath Law, that demands that "new citizens", excepting Jews, swear loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state. This is seen as a maneuver conceived to force the expulsion of Palestinians from the many West Bank territories they plan to annex soon and as a model for a new such law forcing all Palestinian citizens of Israel (20% but only represented in parliament as 10%) to take the same oath, and this in turn can well become an inquisition of sorts by using this forced oath to persecute all non-Jews that dare to protest, maybe even depriving them of citizenship and expelling them to the bantustans. In any case a very menacing Damocles' sword against the Palestinians with Israeli passport.

In a related news, RandomPottins tells us of the protests held across the ethnic divide in Israel against this law and all that it implies. The protesters believe that the genocide ('population transfer') has become a reality and denounce the complicity of virtually all the Israeli political class, including the so-called Labor Party, with this ethnic cleansing. 

'The voice is that of Lieberman, the hands those of Netanyahu'
Notice however that many of these protesters are not really anti-apartheid but mostly are moderate Zionists who favor a two-state solution. And there is no two-state solution: neither the Zionists want it (except as pretext for ethnic cleansing escalation, while pretending to negotiate) nor the Palestinians can accept it either. The only possible solution is an integrated non-racist democratic state in the whole of Palestine. Every country or person who really wants peace and justice to prevail can only stand for this democratic solution that allows for a graceful accommodation of the Zionist immigrants and the restoration of Palestinian full rights in the whole of their ancestral country. 

This however cannot be achieved while Israel's genocidal, racist, fundamentalist and war-monging policies are tolerated. In fact it probably requires the establishment of a UN protectorate in the area, temporarily reverting to the 1948 status, while the restoration of civil rights, the return of refugees, the indemnizations for the stolen property, the establishment of new egalitarian and secularist legislation by a truly representative body, the disarmament and denuclearization of the territory, etc. is being implemented. 

Crusader States
You may think I'm being pro-Palestinian. Well, the truth is that I am (lots of obvious reasons for that), but still it seems to me the only sensible option for the Jewish colonists of Israel: the only one that may be able to work before, unavoidably, the balance of forces tilts against their unsustainable criminal project and they lose all. It is obvious to me that, as North America and Europe degenerate and, in spite of the Zionist connections in Russia and India and attempts to bribe the Chinese), at some point, probably soon, it will be Muslim powers who will decide what to do with that ugly mess of the six-pointed blue star. Ten years?, twenty?, fifty? how much time does Israel have before it is forced to salvage itself?

This story is the repetition of the Crusader States, to which Israel resembles a lot, excepted maybe the genocidal-colonist drive of the Zionist project and the much more rapid rhythm of changes in our time, not to mention the very concepts of human and civil rights, democracy and secularism. Like these medieval colonial outposts, Israel is bound to fail and the tempo should be faster. And Israelis are still able to choose for the lesser evil: an organized transition to a democratic state that fully recognizes Palestinians. But they seem to be actually heading in the opposite direction choosing suicidal genocide instead.

Map from Wikimedia Commons (author: MapMaker).

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