Monday, October 4, 2010

Millions demonstrate in France against the involution in retirement age.

One of the measures promoted by the Capitalist International nowadays to put the burden of the crisis on the shoulders of the working class is to delay retirement age. In France, which had one of the most progressive social policies in Europe, product of strong trade unions and a combative society, the infamous political commissary known as Sarko is trying to delay retirement age from 60 years to 62 and even as much as 67 in some cases.

The People is not the least happy with the idea and this weekend demonstrated massively again in some 250 French towns. It is estimated that some three million people (5% of the total population) went out this Saturday to march against the bourgeois reform.

While this side of the border it takes a lot of popular pressure only to get the couch-potato subsidized unions to call a single day of strike, which of course was a massive success, north of the arbitrary divide unions are more in line with their role as organizers of the Working Class. There have been two general strikes already since the Capitalist offensive began (September 7 and 23) and there is another one scheduled for October 12th, when the law is being voted in the Senate. In many companies workers are considering an indefinite general strike if the law is finally approved.

The largest demos this weekend were in Paris (300,000), Marseilles (150,000) and Bordeaux (120,000).

Source: La Haine.

Meanwhile in Bolivia they are doing exactly the opposite as in Europe: retirement age is to be set at the age of 58 (used to be 65). Source: Cuestionatelotodo.

Follows video of the demo of Lille, whose figures I do not know but which was surely quite large as well:

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