Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Military budget problems? Try some balloons...

This looks like a great candidate for the 2011 IgNobel Peace Prize. But it is in fact the latest state-of-the-art military equipment... in the decoy department, of course.

The Russian armed forces have begun producing and storing large amounts of giant balloons. They have shapes such as tanks or rocket launchers and they even project to do more with even more grandiose shapes such as entire wings of MiG fighter jets or even whole radar stations.

Surely you are already thinking that such carnival weapons will not be able to deceive the latest reconnaissance technology. Well, the fact is that they are made of a special material able to fool radars and even thermal imaging devices.

They can be brought anywhere easily and displayed overnight and only the closest examination can reveal what they actually are. Of course, if eventually attacked, they will only poof.

Source: BBC.

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