Friday, October 22, 2010

Another spat of arrests of Basques

Spanish police under command of judge Grande-Marlaska, from the Audiencia Nacional political tribunal (Inquisition), has arrested 14 Basque young citizens yesterday and today.

The arrested all belong to Segi (independentist youth movement) and some of them knew they were in black lists of the AN and had said they were available to declare to the court. 

These black lists were produced by police from declarations most likely under tortures, in the period that the anti-terrorist law allows for incommunication after arrest.

The biggest concern is that all these 14 people may, will probably, be tortured while incommunicado. Additionally some, all or none may be imprisoned on arbitrary political charges without any kind of proper evidence. 

The list of arrested is: Xabat Morán Ruiz, Imanol Beristain, Rubén Villa, Xabi Bidaurre, Ikoitz Arrese, Igarki de Robles, Marina Sagastizabal, Julen Zuaznabar, Ainara Ladrón, Ibon Esteban, Ander Maeztu, Egoi Irisarri, Imanol Salinas and Xabier Arina. Many homes have been searched.

Segi, after showing concern for what the arrested could be suffering in the police dungeons, declared that the arrests show that they are in the good path, which is now to peacefully accumulate forces for the right of self-determination.

Other political forces, like EA, have denounced the arrests as yet another attempt to prevent a peaceful and democratic solution to the Basque-Spanish conflict. 

Source: Gara.

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