Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shameless Syriza MPs represent nobody

Only 32 of Syriza's MPs voted "no" to the horrible Troika impositions (here in detail annotated by Varoufakis himself, who was among the dissidents), 6 other abstained and one was absent. All the others (110) voted "yes", doing what can only be described as "PASOKism". 

The threshold of dignity was well below the speculations of recent days that talked of more than 50 dissidents. This puts the situation very bad for the Left Platform to reclaim Syriza, as they have claimed to intend, even if the majority of Central Committee has signed against the deal

The People of Greece voted already a resounding "no" to measures less severe than these but they have been betrayed by politicians who have absolutely no shame nor bravery.

In essence this situation leaves the country without any legitimate government or representation. The Tsipras regime has become a mere protectorate of Germany and the People of Greece owes loyalty to the state no more. 

It is a very sad night for those who believe in democracy. The coup has been formalized by people who have no right to claim any representativity, much less call themselves "radical left" and are only a bunch of cowards and traitors. 

Shame on you.

Appendix: list of honorable Syriza MPs who stuck with the Greek People and voted "no" or abstained:

A.Kyritsi, Z.Konstantopoulou, G.Varoufakis, N.Valavani, D.Stratoulis, D.Kodelas, E.Sotiriou, V.Chatzilamprou, I.Stathas, I.Skoumas, Th.Kotsias, K.Lapavitsas, M. Kritsotakis, D.Charalampidou, I.Gaitani, L.Amanatidou-Paschalidou, I.Ioannidis, E.Diamantopoulos, St.Samoilis, R.Makri, E.Ouzounidou, I.Zerdelis, K.Delimitros, Th.Petrakos, St. Leoutsakos, P.Lafazanis, Z.Zannas, V.Kyriakakis, M.Psarea, K.Dermitzakis, K.Isychos, K.Zacharias

V.Katrivanou, D.Mpaxevanakis, N.Michalakis, The. Diotis, V.Leva, Ch.Karagiannidis


Source: a commenter HERE.


In synthesis: voting "no" were:
  • The 2 MPs from the Trotskyist International Workers' Left (DEA)
  • The 4 MPs from the Maoist KOE (formerly a distinct party)
  • 15 MPs from the Left Platform, including minister Lafazanis, vice-minister Stratoulis and Spokesman Petrakos
  • 10 non-aligned, including former minister Varoufakis, President of Parliament Konstantinopoulou and vice-ministers Valavani and Isychos
  • there seems to be one missing because the total count of Syriza's "no" vote is actually 32
Abstentions ("present") 6 non-aligned MPs. An MP from the Left Platform, Tsanaka, was absent.

Honor gallery:


Podemos' leader, P. Iglesias backs Tsipras in his worst day: "it is the only thing he could possibly do".

Iglesias is demonstrating in these last months that he really really really wants to lose the upcoming elections by not forming popular union alliance with other parties and by being a control-freak on his own party and that way renouncing to its identity of participative democracy. These declarations really shows him as totally clueless (or worse).

Update: sign to kick Germany from the EU and save Europe from Merkel and Schäuble.

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