Monday, July 6, 2015

Finally a normal, peaceful San Fermin for all!

Pamplona-Iruñea was the first town that saw the Basque flag, the ikurriña, to be raised officially in 1977 after 40 years of suppression by the fascist regime. Almost other 40 years had to pass until that happened again... this morning. 

In the last years I have been reporting on how the neo-fascist UPN regime was trying to totally suppress the Basque flag from being present in the "txupin" (inaugural rocket launching) of the San Fermin fiestas, using police and more police and even more police, never mind photo-editing, to persecute those who dared to bring the Basque flag to this festive act at the historical Basque capital.

In the mid-run they have failed. The citizens of Pamplona have elected a Basque Nationalist and Leftist City Hall and for once Pamplonese and visitors alike could begin the fiesta in peace and good mood. 

Greece was also present... albeit more informally

The ikurriña was also present in varied forms among the multitude present at the square, this time without any incident. You can see those images at Naiz Info's photo-gallery.

Gora Iruñea! Gora Sanferminak! Happy fiestas!

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