Monday, July 13, 2015

Total surrender, betrayal: Tsipras signs worse conditions than what Greeks voted against

He didn't even got a restructuring of the debt, go figure! No wonder he had that deeply sad face.

The only "achievement" is more money to indebt the Greek People even further while they keep paying the ever-growing debt to the International Bankster Mafia.

He gets a "promise" of considering a restructuring of the debt in Autumn but who believes that when the Troika has been all the time pulling back from its own proposals.  


Tsipras yielded in something fundamental: a 50 billion euro privatization of Greek assets (energy, communications, transport, etc.), that is: further looting of Greece by the Euro-leeches. Until now privatization had "only" implicated 4 billion euros, so this is a massive escalation of the looting. Unbelievable!

Other surrender conditions signed by Tsipras are:
  • Pension freezing and retirement age at 67
  • Revision of worker rights (collective agreements, right of strike, etc.)
  • Measures to guarantee the payment of loans
  • Yet another administrative reform (there was already one under Samaras)

New elections

Considering what happened on Friday's vote, I think that it is unavoidable that Syriza breaks up in two in no time and that the Right Wing (led by Tsipras) becomes a new PASOK or DIMAR, that will be punished by the Greek People as soon as they have the right to vote. 

Minister of Work, Panos Skourletis, declared that the conditions of the agreement are not viable and predicted early elections later this year. However he also demanded the resignation of the MPs who "vetoed" (sic) the Friday proposal. It is unclear to me how a bunch of dissident MPs could "veto" anything versus the pro-Troika coalition rallied by Tsipras. It seems just playing the blame game. 

In any case it seems that Tsipras won't be able to retain a technical majority government, with bourgeois parties like To Potami rejecting any possibility of joining the Tsipras coalition. He therefore becomes hostage of the bourgeois pro-Bankster opposition. 

However this bourgeois opposition has nearly no hope of winning elections. The latest opinion polls (from June 15th) gave Syriza 48% of the voter support (not including undecided), while New Democracy collapsed to less than 20% and the other parties remained stuck.

(source: Electograph)

So the matter is: (1) how exactly will Syzira split (it will) after this horrible surrender and (2) which of the two factions will be supported by Greek voters, particularly that 36% who backed Syriza in January and made up the core of those who voted "oxi" in last week's referendum.

Sources: Público[es] (link 1, link 2).

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This country must stop extending and pretending, we must stop taking on new loans pretending that we’ve solved the problem, when we haven’t; when we have made our debt even less sustainable on condition of further austerity that even further shrinks the economy; and shifts the burden further onto the have-nots, creating a humanitarian crisis.

It’s not that it didn’t go down well – there was point blank refusal to engage in economic arguments. Point blank. You put forward an argument that you’ve really worked on, to make sure it’s logically coherent, and you’re just faced with blank stares. It is as if you haven’t spoken. What you say is independent of what they say. You might as well have sung the Swedish national anthem – you’d have got the same reply.

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