Monday, August 26, 2013

Syria: reasons to think that the chemical attack is a false flag attack

Translated and synthesized from Webguerrillero[es]:
  • The videos of the purported attacks were online 24 hrs. before these allegedly happened.
  • Many of the images used are from Iraq or the clashes in Egypt.
  • Some of the bodies recorded are seen in various places, possibly to make the number appear greater.
  • The children affected do not show symptoms of asphyxia nor convulsions and nobody takes care of them. It's very likely that they are Kurdish children kidnapped days earlier by the Islamists.
  • The Islamist acknowledged in social media to have chemical weapons.
  • Those pretending to be medics do not use masks, what would be a serious risk for their lives if actual chemical weapons were involved.
  • Turkey, Iran and Syria have shown repeated evidence of the Islamist having chemical weapons. They have also displayed all kind of contempt for life, including murdering children and even cannibalism.
  • The Syrian Army has found Saudi chemical weapons' containers in the outskirts of Damascus.
  • It is very suspicious that the alleged attack happened precisely when a UN observer team was about to arrive.
  • The area where the alleged attack took place has been depopulated of civilians since months ago.

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