Friday, August 30, 2013

Former NSA analyst: the intelligence services rule the USA, "this is a police state"

This is a most interesting video interview with former NSA analyst Russel Tice (military, conservative but still outraged).

Some key points:
  • The whole political, business classes and even the Supreme Court is being spied on. Even Barack Obama and Gral. Petraeus used to be.
  • In his time it was VP Richard Cheney who was directing this shadowy business (of course).
  • The upper echelon of the "intelligence community" rules the USA in practical terms.
  • Direct comparison with Orwell's totalitarian dystopia: everything is being watched, everyone. 

The direct source for me of this video is an article by Gaius Publius at Naked Capitalism. He pinpoints Gral. Keith Brian Alexander, Director General of the NSA, as a key person of megalomaniac character. He's probably not the only one with a say but these seem limited to a very few top-tier spies and billionaires. As Publius puts it:
Do we send every cop in an Occupy city to join the spook state in a national one-day takedown? With a Yes from every full-blown billionaire and each junior-mint Keith Alexander, Obama couldn’t stop it if he wanted to.

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