Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Japan: Governmente takes over Fukushima Daiichi disaster (mis-)management

As soon as they arrived they blamed "human errors" for the systemic problem of massive radioactive water seeping into the Pacific Ocean. It does not seem on first sight like they are going to do any better. 

The attitude of the Japanese Government so far has been disastrous, rejecting to evacuate the most contaminated areas (particularly most of Fukushima Prefecture, whose radiation levels are extremely hight, but in general all North Honsu) and campaigning in favor of absurd new myths like "radiation is good" and in general the attitude of pretend and extend. 

This may be just another step in their overall strategy of not facing the facts. Even in the best case they are already more than two years late.

Sources: Ex-SKF, Simply Info.

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