Friday, February 8, 2013

Spain: frustrated bomb attack against Madrid cathedral

(CC by Elena F. D.)
A newborn armed group known as Insurrectionalist Commando Mateo Morral has claimed responsibility for a failed bomb attack yesterday against the Cathedral of La Almudena in Madrid (pictured), one of the most important sees of the Catholic Church in Spain.

The communication, which can be read in Spanish language at Contra Info, they claim as goal to strike against the Bourbon Monarchy in its sacred places. They say, among other things, that:

All their majestic appearance is just the fruit of oppression and will be us the oppressed ones who will finish it through insurrectional revolutionary violence. We won't fall in the trap of awaiting for the historical conditions to come. We believe that the conditions for the attack are propitious as long as State, Capital and even more the rotten fascist Royal Family exist. We are determined. We do not wait. We take action.

We do not have the wrong idea that with just this kind of actions we will achieve the destruction of all that oppresses us. We do not deceive ourselves. We do not fall into self-complacency. This is propaganda through action, which has existed for more than a century among the seditious and conspirators against Power. It is an appeal to war without limits using all our imagination and energy to end with this rotten reality. 

The bomb, hidden in a trash bag, was found by the local priest at a confession boot, proceeding immediately to evacuate the church and to call police. These found inside a 'real' bomb made of 200 grams of gunpowder and a can holding a a kilogram of nails and an alarm clock, which they managed to deactivate.

A background for this attack may be the occupation of the Cathedral by some 30 victims of mortgage law in Spain (which is one of the worst on Earth, allowing the debt to continue even after foreclosure, causing de facto slavery by debt). The Bishop of Madrid did not tolerate this occupation and asked police to intervene, although the incident ended up without injuries with the occupants leaving under threat.

Recently there was also an, also failed, parcel bomb attack against the Catholic Church of Spain: a small bomb was preventively exploded by police at a post office, inside the package, addressed to the Bishopric of Madrid, there was a piece of cardboard with the legend: 'ultimate love toys', which is apparently a commercial brand of dildos.

Sources[es]: Terra, Contra Info.

Note: Mateo or Mateu Morral was a famous Catalan Anarchist who attempted to kill King Alfonso XII in 1906 with a bomb hidden in a bunch of flowers that he threw against the royal parade in Madrid, killing several but not the monarchs. A historical video can be watched here[es].

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