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Echoes of the Class War (Oct 12) - Nonviolence to be not tolerated, proclaims Boston Mayor

Lots of stuff, and more and more every day. The world is boiling in crisis and revolution and I try to grasp a bit of it... but I can't even almost keep pace.

But what has got really into my dreams is the mayor of Boston, some Thomas Menino guy, proclaiming that nonviolence will not be tolerated. If nonviolence not, then what? Violence? I hope he was not inciting people to armed uprising, I understand that it's a crime under certain laws.
According to the Gandhian aphorism, this is the third step: they fight you. Then you win.

There is a call for World Revolution Day for this Saturday 15th. While I do not think that a revolution can be pre-scheduled, there are demonstrations and protests called in many many towns of all continents. Check them out.


Basque Country:

Important meeting of international facilitators in Donostia (San Sebastian) next Monday. Among those taking part is Jonathan Powell,  former Cabinet Chief under Tony Blair and one of the main actors in the Northern Irish peace process. Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is also expected, although the names of those taking part have not been unveiled yet ··> Gara[es], Basque Peace Process.

Trailer (in English) of the documentary "Manual to fabricate a terrorist" ··> Vimeo (via Ateak Ireki[eu]).

England: blockading Westminster bridge (monday 10th) against public healthcare cuts ··> video at PO

Ukraine: sentence against Tymoshenko (··> Al Jazeera) is what it seems to be: a very pathetic plot to consolidate Yushenko by destroying all opposition. I'm no supporter of Tymoshenko but if that's all Yanukovich can gather against her, she is innocent: the price was unilaterally imposed by Russia after long winter blackmail cuts that shattered Europe and this kind of trial is totally unprecedented.

North Africa:

Egypt: Deputy PM Hazem El-Beblawi resigned on the massacre performed by the army but his resignation was rejected ··> Al Jazeera.

West and Central Asia:


Zionist forces fire against fishermen in Gaza waters ··> Uruknet

Violations against detainees in hunger strike increase ··> Uruknet.

Iran: actress Marzieh Vafamehr to be lashed and imprisoned for taking part in critical movie and allowing to filmed without the stupid cloth prison the ayatollahs (men) impose to women ··> BBC.

Georgia and Kazakhstan, two quite authoritarian regimes of the region, to ban communist parties ··> Kaosenlared[es], Solidnet.

Yemen: thousands of women demonstrate against Saleh ··> video at PO.


Canada: Michael Schmidt (right), defender of the right to drink raw milk, on hunger strike along with supporters from all North America ··> Food Freedom, The Bovine.


Confusing claims of Iran being behind alleged terror plot in Washington D.C. ( ··> Al Jazeera) do not seem to convince anybody. However they could be used to launch a war in order to attempt a distraction from major internal problems ··> Charlie Pottins: 'Assassination? That's our game'.
Radiation leak at Brookhaven, NY, not announced in 10 days ··> EneNews.

Boston: police charges against Occupy Boston demonstrators, notably war veterans, mayor proclaims "we will not tolerate civil disobedience!" ··> Naked Capitalism (incl. video), The Guardian, video at PO, another video at the local Fed.

NYC police is often privately paid and act as private guards (with a public badge and authority) ··> report at Naked Capitalism

Washington D.C.: protest continues near White House ··> video at PO, another video with anti-war rally combined.

Columbus, Ohio: rally at state house ··> video at PO

Colorado Springs demo ··> video at PO.

Los Angeles: thousands demonstrate at Bank of America ··> video at PO.

There's also some activity reported in Oakland ··> Ah, Mefistophelis.


Another farmer murdered in Bajo Aguán. Santos Seferino Zelaya, 35,  was shot dead yesterday by security guards of terrorist landowner Miguel Facussé ··> LINYM[es].

Soldiers threaten farmer with slow death: we will cut your fingers so you will slowly bleed to death was the 'protection' offered to this 'lucky' farmer, Walter Sabillón, by the troopers that the state deployed in his area Bajo Aguán ··> LINYM[es].

Colombia: S.O.S. prisoner Diomedes Carvajalino: the Colombian terrorist state denies medical treatment for this person's left leg's infection that will probably kill him. Diomedes, 28, is bound to a wheelchair because of the tortures suffered after his arrest in 2002 ··> Kaosenlared[es].

Peru: President Humala sacks police commanders in corruption purge ··> BBC.

Argentina: the People against the mining multinationals ··> 25 mins. documentary at the new Al Jazeera program Activate.

East Asia:

More than just Burmese in this state
Myanmar (Burma) and Kachin Country: 

Interesting analysis of the dams and ethnic conflict in the Kachin Country ··> GeoCurrents

Kachin rebels lose major stronghold as government advances ··> The Irrawadi.


Worker dies while decontaminating rice field ··> Fukushima Diary, EneNews.

Interview with Fukushima Daiichi workers at a German TV (with English subtitles) ··> video at Ex-SKF.

Opinion (economy): 'Has China just hit stall speed?' ··> Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism.

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