Friday, October 21, 2011

Reactions to the end-of-war unilateral declaration of ETA

Mean, stingy, such are the reactions coming from the Spanish nationalist field so far. For example the Speaker Minister J.L. Blanco said that it is not the time to discuss the prisoners, while the Minister of Presidency R. Jauregi, emphasized that they will keep applying the law against prisoners.

In Paris as well, Sarkozy declared his unconditional support for the Spanish allies.

Instead, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair asked the Spanish authorities to assume the need to talk to their political foes.

The Basque Nationalist Left gave a press conference (video in Spanish) reminding that the necessary condition for a consolidated peace is the recognition of the Basque People as a sovereign nation with full right to self-determination.

Ample Basque Left coalition Bildu, which is becoming (under the new name Amaiur) the first political force in the Southern Basque Country, appealed for an open political debate and to work for our people to be able to decide its own future in full freedom.

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