Sunday, October 2, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Oct 2) - Occupy Together USA

Theme of the day: again Occupy Wall Street - Occupy Together movement in the USA gaining momentum.

Very large demo at New York on Friday ··> video at PO.

Image of that protest, from Washington's Blog
From 1968 to 2011 (same source)
GW also thinks that the mainstream media and even Internet's big powers like Google or Twitter are censoring the protests, however that does not impede that they gather more and more adherents, like AFL-CIO bosses.

Yves Smith meanwhile ponders today if the 'donation' (another name for bribe) of JP Morgan to NYC Police Department is paying off ··> Naked Capitalism.

This morning (Sunday 2) another large march was 'kettled' by police on Brooklyn Bridge. The cops arrested some 700 people rather arbitrarily. Videos from PO: 1, 2

Los Angeles: hundreds protest unemployment ··> video at PO.

San Francisco: Occupy San Francisco takes to the streets ··> video at PO.

Boston: Occupy Boston does as well ··> video at PO.

Denver: Occupy Denver ··> videos from PO: march, meeting.

Chicago: That's a big one ··> video at PO.

Santa Fe: modest but determined ··> video at PO.

Albuquerque  ··> video at PO.


Basque Country:

French Nazi hooligans of Paris St. Germain wreak havoc in Bilbao while Spanish-appointed police force do almost nothing. The Nazis attacked taverns and peaceful aficionados around San Mames stadium, injuring severely one person (head fracture, broken jaw...). Only 9 Nazis were arrested and have been already set free, and yet 3 Basques were also arrested ··> SA[es]: link 1, link 2.

Another large demo in solidarity with evicted social center Kukutza gaztetxea ··> Branka[eu], SA[es], Gara[es] (link 1, link 2).

Arrested German internationalists Flo and Rafi finally freed ··> SA[es].

Workers of Panda Security (a major Basque antivirus company) protested against an employment regulation file that will lay out 120 workers at Bilbao and 8 others in Madrid ··> Branka[eu].

French state: Occitania: 500 times more radiation than government admitted in Marcoule mystery accident ··> EneNews.

Greece: 300 faculties under student occupation, exams suspended, 10,000 students took Athens on Sep 22nd ··> communication[en] and videos[gr/es] at Contra Info.

Italy - EU:

ECB's consuls attack the Working Class in Italy. In a sort of ultimatum, they demand: full privatization of public services in Italy, demolition of the collective bargaining system, removing all remaining job guarantees, firing and/or lowering salaries of public workers, automatic deficit-correction clause to budget, tight control of borrowing by all administrations ··> original text in English at Corriere de la Sera.

Impressive: opera director addresses the public against cuts in cultural spending. Actors and public sing together against a beautiful but lost Italy ··> video at Sare Antifaxista.

Czech Republic: Prague playground sealed off after radiation was detected with advanced wristwatch ··> Prague Monitor.

Spain: Murcia: Mortgage Affected People's Platform is blockading foreclosures and marching on banks. Out of 70 evictions paralyzed by popular action in the Spanish state, 35 (50%) are in that region ··> video and text[es] at YouTube.

Catalonia: thousands demonstrate against Neonazi PxC meeting (which only mustered 150 followers) party, crying 'no person is illegal'. Police identified 120 and arrested two ··> SA[es].

Against fascism in Barcelona


Canada: Ontario: Communist Party protests censorship by public TV before upcoming elections ··> video at PO.


Superweed explosion threatens Monsanto's heartlands (GMO are a dangerous failure and fraud) ··> France24.

BP not tracing source of new crude spill ··> Florida Oil Spill Law.

According to Arnie Gundersen, everyone in Seattle is breathing five radioactive particles from Fukushima, including plutonium, every day ··> Fukushima Diary.

Honduras: emotive homage to the victims of the dictatorship in the meeting on militarization. Must watch video because the list of names (and photos) of those murdered by the Lobo regime seems to never end ··> LINYM[es].


Bahrain: medical staff that attended injured protesters sentenced to 15 years in prison ··> Al Jazeera.

Nepal: the left-wing faction challenges the ruling right-wing (central) faction within the Maoist Party on demobilization, on returning occupied lands, on becoming a mere social-democratic pro-establishment party:
Torch march against pro-Capitalist turn of Maoists in Nepal

Bangladesh: many young workers affected by silicosis for wearing off jeans with sand (and without protection) ··> BBC.

Sandblasting jeans without protection


Parliament President suffers cancer
Some of the worst radioactive hotspots in Tokyo before Parliament, Imperial Palace, TEPCO central offices... ··> Fukushima Diary.

Chernobyl expert: Fukushima is largest delivery of radiation to the Ocean ever seen ··> EneNews.

Fukushima sea contamination by plutonium remains high ··> New Scientist.

Plutonium found in a wide area 45 km around Fukushima Dai Ichi ··> Fukushima Diary.

Kyoto: radiation 10 times higher than Government admits 500km away from Dai Ichi ··> EneNews.

Fukushima city: schoolchildren abused by teachers for rejecting to drink contaminated milk ··> Fukushima Diary

Myanmar/Burma: controversial dam suspended in spite of China (probably because of threat of reigniting the Kachin rebellion and the breakup of the fragile multiethnic state) ··> BBC.

Philippines: secret cables reveal that US military exercises and even humanitarian missions were in fact military interventions ··> Revolution in South Asia.

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