Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The end of the 'honeymoon' between the Egyptian Army and the Egyptian People

The massacre perpetrated by the Egyptian Army against a demonstration (of mainly but not only Christians) is the first such act of violence, gratuitous violence quite clearly, against the Egyptian People and a quite dramatic change in the rather moderate and somewhat populist stand held by the Military since the Revolution began months ago.

The growing flirtation of the military junta, its growing flirtation with the Religious Fascists (Islamists) indicates that the Egyptian Revolution is entering a second phase. Whether it is one of increased revolution and democracy or one of reaction and fundamentalist-fascist terror is hard to foresee but the two tendencies are clearly now struggling for supremacy. 

One thing is clear, in any case, if the Army attacks the People, the Army is attacking itself and showing what it really has become: a tool for oppression and fascism. Therefore the Army must be revamped (I'd say dissolved but I know this is unrealistic, specially while Israel and imperialism exists, so revamped into a People's Army somehow sounds more practical). 


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