Sunday, October 16, 2011

French 'Socialists' pick for president: BORING!

The Socialist Party of France (PS) has chosen who will challenge Sarko in next year's presidential elections and what does the world say?

And I agree. 

The chosen one, François Hollande, former companion of former (and equally boring) challenger to Sarko, Segolene Royal, has as main trait to have been friend of former conservative President Jaques Chirac. 

Forget about the 110 propositions of Mitterrand, or even the much milder nominal defense of the welfare system that Montebourg proposed: the candidate is almost impossible to take apart from Sarko or at least from a less extremist and polarizing right-wing figure.

But it is unlikely that anyone else can challenge Sarko for the Presidency... unless the coalition Europe Écologie (greens, which in France are quite grassroots, unlike in Germany, plus peripheral nationalist parties plus independents like José Bové), which was third in the regional elections can break all expectations. The timing is good.

Certainly I would NOT vote for Hollande because I see no meaningful difference with Sarko or in general the conservatives. I could vote for someone like Bové or Cohn-Bendit for President of the Hexagon, maybe impelling radical reforms there and elsewhere in Europe. Of course I can't vote for the chief of state of France... but I can't vote for the chief of state of Spain either (he was appointed by dictator Franco and is still there sucking from the taxpayer's teat against any concept of democracy). What I can do by the moment is issue my opinion.

Together Europe Écologie and the Left Front gathered 18% of votes in the regional elections (first round). Not enough to win against either twin party but enough to make them breath hard. But they only seem to be able to unite under the shadow of the social-liberal PS.

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