Monday, October 10, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Oct 10)


Basque Country:

Inquisition (AN) judge Marlaska comes to Pamplona to talk of "ethics". Asked if torture and leaving people incommunicado at the hands of terrorist Spanish police corps is "ethical"? ··> video and photos at Ateak Ireki.

Inquisition (AN) set to judge 19 people for exhibiting photos of prisoners, practice that has decades of widespread precedents and is in principle protected by the right of freedom of speech ··> Gara[es], Branka[eu].

Thousands demonstrate again in Bilbao for destroyed social center Kukutza Gaztetxea (pictured right) ··> SA[es], Branka[eu].

Lizarrako Gaztetxea  (occupied social center of Lizarra/Estella) celebrates 15 years ··> SA[es].

Ordiziko Gaztextea (occupied social center of Ordizia) celebrates 25th anniversary ··> Okupazioa eta Autogestioa[eu] (includes a video, lip-dub, showing the space and its activities). 

Runaway Nazi Paul Van Aerschot (alias Juan Pablo Simons) dies at San Sebastian under the protection of the State of Spain. For him there were no Euro-orders anyhow, only for Basque activists ··> SA[es].


22 indignados (pictured left) on farce trial for scaring MPs: one of those undeserving representatives claimed she was scared by a camera taking pictures, go figure! ··> Sare Antifaxista[es].


Unicef denounces UK for breach of children's rights:  45% of all minors arrested after riots had no previous criminal record (and hence should have not been kept arrested at all) ··> Al Jazeera.
Manchester: hundreds strike at Fujitsu factory (pictured right) ··> The Commune.

London: demo against war ··> video at PO of Julian Assange speaking.


General strike evidenced hatred by the police state, the only remaining part of the Greek state after demolition by European banksters ··> Contra Info

Parliament or elitist fortress?

Raid against immigrants at Victoria Square ··> Contra Info.

Immigrant boy Ali Mohammed Rasul arrested for scavenging in waste containers ··> Contra Info.

Attack against Nazi bookshop owned by A. Georgiades ··> Contra Info.

Revolutionary Struggle members to be released on bail tomorrow ··> Contra Info.

Italy: Thousands of students take the streets ··> video at PO.

EU/Belgium: Indignant march arrives to Brussels. Those making camp are arrested ··> EuroNews.

Spain: the rich of Fascism are the rich of 'democracy' ··> review of the book 'El declive de los dioses' ('The decline of the gods') by M. Guindal at Gara[es]

Among the informations we are offered:
  • Bin Laden worked for Iberia airlines
  • Aznar transferred the power inside BBVA to someone of his preference (Francisco González) in what is described as 'a coup' against the Basque bourgeoisie ('Neguri').
  • The cost of adhesion to NATO was 100,000 million pesetas, which was 'solved' with a US/German credit
  • The EU adhesion treaty was signed without almost negotiation by recommendation of Margaret Thatcher
  • Labor unions CC.OO.-UGT are regime puppets with top-to-bottom hierarchies. Instead Basque unions are bottom-to-top organizations.

North Africa:

Egypt: Army kills at least 26 in an anti-Junta demo ··> Al Jazeera.

West Asia:

Palestine ··> Ilan against the Wall:
  • Anata/Anatot: victim of Zionazis and police denounces her stripping, beating and threats of burning her alive.
  • Beit Omar: protest against occupation and solidarity with prisoners in hunger strike.
  • Bil'in: smaller than usual demo against the wall.
  • Jaffa: demo against desecration of Muslim and Christian graveyards ··> video.
  • Nabih Saleh: protests against the construction of illegal colony ··> videos: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Nil'in: demos against apartheid ··> videos: 1, 2.
  • A-Tawna: march to sequestered olive trees.

Syria: police shoot mourners ··> Al Jazeera (with video).

Jordan: large protests demand reforms ··> video at PO

Yemen: Saleh promises to step down, scepticism widespread ··> Al Jazeera.

Afghans protest against US occupation ··> video at PO.



Occupy movement grows: demos reported in 847 different towns ··> video at PO.

The Occupied Wall Street Journal published (in Facebook?) ··> issue #1, issue#2, via Naked Capitalism.

Washington D.C.: assembly at Freedom Plaza ··> videos at PO: video #1, video #2 , video #3, video#4 (police sprays demonstrators),

New York: police storms demonstration violently ··> video at PO

San Francisco: Occupy SF march on Oct 5th ··> video at PO.

Seattle: taking over the street ··> video at PO.

Cincinatti: marching by the sidewalk along an empty road ··> video at PO

Lousiville, Kentucky, marches in protest ··> video at PO.

Knoxville, Tennessee, joins the movement ··> video at PO

Dallas: protest at Federal Reserve ··> video at PO

Organizing the logistics of Occupy Wall Street ··> Wall Street Journal (oddly enough).

  • Alan Woods: time to build a labor party! ··> IDOM.
  • Yves Smith: the power of open source and consensual processes ··> Naked Capitalism.

Restrictive voting rules could make formal democracy unavailable for millions ··> Truthout.

Congress attempt to halt arms deal with totalitarian Bahrain regime ··> Al Jazeera.

Chile: violent police repression against march in favor of free education ··> Disidente del Capitalismo[es].

East Asia:


Anonymous Fukushima engineer: it's endless, the task will never end ··> EneNews, The Globe and Mail.

Tokyo tap water in deep crisis ··> Fukushima Diary, EneNews.

New official map of radiation in Tokyo area ··> Ex-SKF (who claims that they are quite unrealistic), also in this other post.

Review of the problem with hydrogen: it is being replenished from somewhere (implicit: perpetual meltdown) ··> Ex-SKF.

Fukushima workers:
  • Dead Fukushima worker's internal radiation levels unknown since early September. He died suddenly, TEPCO does not reveal cause ··> EneNews, Wall Street Journal.
  • Another Fukushima worker exposed to high levels of radiation (materials attached to jaw, neck) ··> EneNews.
  • Former worker: TEPCO is a horrible company ··> Ex-SKF (with video in Japanese).
  • France 24 report on Fukushima workers (in English, very interesting) ··> Ex-SKF.


Governor of BoE admits crisis is worst in history ··> BBC.

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